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  • cdbaby

    How to make it right

    Recently, we ordered 50 CDs from CDBABY of our EP Transition. When they arrived at the door, there was a lovely $30 customs charge. I paid the man and proceeded to rip open the box of fresh CDs. Trevor, Bob and I signed and numbered them all just to fin out that track one had […]

  • record

    Album Review by Fenmetal

    A metal reviewer who goes by the name of Fenmetal posted a review of our album “the First 13” in September 2013. In the review, he makes comments such as you get lost in the music and don’t realize how much time has passed till the album ends and each song has a different sound […]

  • vote

    WE PLACED 5TH! – Long and Mcquade head to head contest

    FINAL UPDATE - The judging is now over and we placed 5th in the 19 & over group for original songs. This was a large group that had many styles and had close to 300 entries. Entries were from all across Canada and it was an honour to be selected near the top of the pile. […]

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    Get a Tshirt for under $20!

    Band merch is expensive but your friends at the Muted Pitch have a deal for you!

  • Pictures and Video from August Metal Bash Chapter 2

    On Aug 9 2013, Trevor and I went down to Saint John to the August Metal Bash Chapter 2. This was a local event with 4 metal bands. We had a blast! For some pictures and video that I took from the show, visit

  • Incoming


    Lyrics for “Incoming” from our first album “the First 13″

  • BloodRiver_600


    It’s just not music… We’ll be uploading our lyrics for our 1st album the First 13 and our recent EP Transition in the near future! Download or stream our albums for free HERE.

  • ‘Band of the Week’ has named us the Band of the Week! We really appreciate this great exposure!!! Check out our great feature page and then download our album for FREE from the Music Page