Gathering of 2

Lyrics for “Gathering of 2” from our first EP “Transition”


The Lord giveth
The man, takes it away
Right out from under you

All of your anger
Pent up, turmoil and rage
Ignore your every thought

A fleeting moment
Looked upon with disdain
His words you can not trust
Never trust, never trust

You fall, you crumble, I take it away
Staged our plan, it rots

I am the gathering of two
Who else did you expect
Trust me, you’ll see
The injustice of it
Trust me, you’ll see
The injustice of it

I speak for all of you who can’t see because they are so blind
I am the master of all and all of man kind

You search around for this God
That you speak freely of
The one supposed to heal all
When all I see is pain

Now reach out and take my hand
Sit back and watch me fools
You realize that there is one
And now peace can’t be obtained

It’s time to gather the flock
Make them see, make them obey
They’ll kneel down before me
On my alter of lust

Prey on the weak of the lambs
Within their own pool of blood
Which one can truly say
With our own life, would you trust

Hope, there is none
So don’t prey
Humanity fighting
Good and evil

People think they have a choice
And think they have a say
There’s only one that speaks to you
Only in hell, only my way

God damn the ones who falter
Push aside, crush you astray
You look to me for answers
And I’ll say nothing

Still they, line to praise him
Someone they’ve never seen
The clash within religion
And so I’m laughing

Some say, if there’s no God
Where did we come from
You are my little pieces
In my game you are waste

Resist, you try and stray from me
Can’t you see, there’s nothing more
Lay down and wish your dreams away
There’s no way I’ll save you

Resigned to torment and torture
All those who can not believe
That heaven and hell are the same place
And I am the king

Rain down on all the living
My power, full and supreme
Pull tight, the darkness surrounds you
And all I hear is… the screams

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