How to make it right


Recently, we ordered 50 CDs from CDBABY of our EP Transition. When they arrived at the door, there was a lovely $30 customs charge. I paid the man and proceeded to rip open the box of fresh CDs. Trevor, Bob and I signed and numbered them all just to fin out that track one had a 60 silent gap in it. This gap was not in the original recording so I contacted CDBABY support. These guys were great! They asked me to send a copy to them for inspection and after a short time, they responded to me saying that they would re-burn and send another run to us. I let them know of my concerns related to additional customs charges. They said they would ship them marked as warranty/replacement and there would be no customs charges. They were right…the new discs showed up free of any charges and these discs sounded great. Thanks to CDBABY for fixing order and keeping us happy!

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