Lyrics for “Incoming” from our first album “the First 13”

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This is my time for war
Give me the bullets
To make a stand
I’ll take the gun

A will to fight
To make them proud
And be the cherished one

A sacrifice
To give my life away
To do what’s right
And look them in the eye

The desert sun
The place that I will fight
But I can’t die

For this is what I want
They told me on that day
When I took that pen
And signed

That I could make
A difference there
And change all man kind

No time at all
I’ll take control
God dam the enemy
Get out of my way

Won’t see it fall
Right in my face
I’ll never hear them say incoming


The floors are falling away
Do not know what to expect
Rivers made from all their blood
My senses gone, can’t reflect

Can’t hear, can’t see, I must breath
I stagger up to my feet
I’ve stepped into hell on earth
My heart has stopped it won’t beat

The bullets cut through my face
The bombs they swallow them whole
My friends were standing right there
But now there’s nothing left
See them bleed

I see it in their eyes
That we’re the enemy
Who knows the truth?
Who really cares?

There’s blood on my face
The bodies on the ground
No glory
Just despair

My minds a blur
The scenes are never ending
When blackness falls
I will plead, I will plead

Watching mother’s cry
Watching their children die
See them bleed, bleed

What a waste
They gave me bullets
To make a stand
I took the fucking gun

Did I need to fight
And make them proud
And be the cherished one

I sacrificed
And gave my life away
Was it right
In my eyes

The desert sun
My last embrace
I will die

Know your enemy
I will die
Know your enemy
Know your enemy