Metal Mix Autopsy

What happens when tMP gets Jon Tidy of to mix one of their songs? It gets sliced and diced on The Home Recording Show Podcast #189 titled Metal Mix Autopsy and More.A while back, Jon was having some issues with internet villains causing some problems with his websites. I lent a hand in getting things back up and in return, Jon offered to mix a version of the upcoming song “Burnt Touch”. He ask if it was OK to use the track as an example on a weekly podcast that he does with Ryan Canestro of Ditch Road Records. We agreed and they proceeded to take out the scalpels. The guys were very direct yet fair with their comments. They didn’t sugar coat anything but I wouldn’t want them to. Listening to that podcast made me realize that there are a bunch of things that the Muted Pitch needs to work on. After all…The creative process is all about learning and getting better at your craft. It’s not about sulking when someone said you did something shitty! You dust yourself off and make it better!

Thanks to Jon and Ryan for their efforts, not only on show 189, but on all that they do. Guys like these understand that, by giving back and fostering a sense of community, we all benefit. Keep up the good work!

Click Here to listen to the podcast now.


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